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Business Insurance Case Study – Dentist Practice

Business Insurance Case Study – Lost Appointment Diary

This dental practice’s server had suffered significant damage from a lighting strike during a severe local storm. The initial inspection indicated that all data, including patient records and the practice’s electronic appointment diary would need to be restored and uploaded onto a new server. It was believed that the data transfer would be simple and straight forward.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the practice’s appointment diary data had been corrupted and was completely lost. The practice would need to contact their entire list of existing patients to ascertain who had made an appointment and on what dates, in an attempt to reconstruct appointments for the coming 2 to 3 months. It was decided that in an attempt to contact and notify any new patients, the practice would advertise in the local papers for an extended period of time in the hope that new patients would contact them to confirm appointment times.

As the weeks went by, it became apparent that a number of the practice’s new patients had not responded to the advertising and letter campaign. Subsequently the practice began to suffer a drop in their forecasted income during the weeks immediately following the loss, as they were unable to confirm with and remind their patients of their appointments. The practice lodged a <strong>Loss of Gross Income claim </strong>totalling $48, 949 to recoup the lost income. The cost to replace the server was insignificant at only $1,580.

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