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Cyber Crime Case Study – Angry Employee

Cyber Crime Case Study – The Angry Employee

This cyber crime case study looks at an external download by an ex-employee.

This organisation reported to their insurer that a suspected download had taken place a number of months beforehand, by an ex-employee. The staff member had left after month of strained negotiations over performance issues. It was suspected that she logged into the system within days of leaving the practice via her staff login (which had not been immediately changed after her leaving) and copied a significant amount of company information. The download was discovered weeks after it happened. Malicious activity was suspected and the police were involved. It is not yet known what happened to the information or what the consequences to the company may be.

TIP: Remember to immediately change your ex-employees login details, access codes, key and passwords to:

  • Your building
  • Filing cabinets, archives and storage facilities
  • Computers, mobile devices
  • Systems and external login servers
  • Websites, social media pages, company profiles etc.
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