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Cyber Crime Case Study – Patient Record Online

Cyber Crime Case Study – Patient Record Posted Online

This cyber crime case study looks at the perils of allowing third party contractors access to sensitive patient records.

This healthcare organisation engaged a software company to design a new type of software to be used in their healthcare practice setting. The software was to be promote and on-sold to other potential organisations. During demonstrations of the software to other potential practices, medical records from the prospective practices were used to provide a live demonstration of the software capability.   It was some time before it was discovered that the software company had used one of these records (without permission) and posted it online as an example of the projects they had completed. The breach was discovered when the child of the patient Googled his father and found his medical record online.

TIP #1: This is not the fault of the IT company. The practice who originally gave the IT company the patient record will be held liable for the breach. Your data, your responsibility.

TIP #2: Data Breach & Cyber Crime attacks do not only affect your practice. The impacts on individuals who have had their data breached and identity misused or stolen, are often long lasting and devastating. Be extra careful with who is allowed access to the personal and sensitive information of your clients.

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