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Dentist Plus Policy Overview

The Dentist Plus policy range has been developed in negotiations with some of Australia’s top insurance companies, and is specifically designed for Australian dental practices. Don’t just get insurance – get insurance from an experienced broker who works for you.

For more information, click on any Dentist Plus policy below to view fact sheets, PDS, case studies, and more.

If you require more information please email us at admin@dentistplus.com.au or call 1800 177 163.

Dentist Plus Business Insurance

The Dentist Plus policy for Commercial Business Insurance has been specifically designed for dental practices to offer comprehensive cover for property, equipment breakdown, theft, public liability and more.

The Dentist Plus Policy for Management Liability ensures that directors, officers and managers are not held personally liable in the event of a wrongful act involving the management of your dental practice.

Dentist Plus Travel to Work Insurance

The Dentist Plus policy for Journey Cover insurance provides compensation when an injury occurs to an employee whilst they are engaged in direct travel to or from their home and their place of employment.

Dentist Plus Corporate Travel

The Dentist Plus policy for Corporate Travel insurance covers your dental practice for authorised business and leisure travel for those listed on the policy.

The Dentist Plus policy for Directors Group Accident insurance assists your dental practice to cover the compensation owing to a Director of your practice, should they injure themselves whilst performing duties for your organisation.

Dentist Plus Cyber Insurance

The Dentist Plus policy for Data Breach & Cyber Crime insurance covers your dental practice for hacking, lost data, privacy breaches, investigations and more. A must-have policy for any business operating in the 21st century.

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