Journey Cover
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What Is Journey Cover Insurance?

Journey Cover provides compensation when an injury occurs to an employee whilst they are engaged in direct travel to or from their home and their place of employment. This policy is not applicable to QLD & ACT because journey cover is already included in Workers Compensation.

Travel To & From Work

Not Applicable to QLD & ACT

Excellent for Dental Practices located in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT & TAS.

Journey Cover

Until recently, injury sustained by employees travelling to and from their workplace was covered by the various state workers compensation schemes.

The recent harmonisation of workers compensation insurance came into effect in July, 2012. All states except QLD and ACT now do not have journey cover included in their workers compensation. Unfortunately, the common misconceptions are:

  •  if an event is not covered by workers compensation, the practice does not carry liability for the event, or
  • the practice’s Public Liability covers for all events not covered by workers compensation.

This is false.

As an employer, you may still have a responsibility and legal liability to your employees whilst they are travelling to and from their workplace, particularly if they perform work related activities during this journey eg. collecting the mail, picking up the milk for the office etc.

To ensure peace of mind, many dental practices are now taking out additional Journey Cover insurance to ensure they are not financially at risk if an employee injures themselves to or from the practice.

Read the PDS or call us on 1800 177 163 to discuss if this policy is right for your practice.

Risks and Facts

Number of road incidents involving a fatality in 2014
0 %
Number of motorists involved in at least one accident in 2013
Number of hospitalisations due to traffic incidents in 2008/09
Policy Overview

Policy Overview

The harmonisation of workers compensation came into affect in July, 2012. Workers compensation in the following states now have reduced or non-existent journey cover:

  • NSW
  • VIC
  • SA
  • WA
  • NT
  • TAS

    This policy provides compensation, usually a nominated weekly amount for up to 104 weeks when an injury occurs to an employee whilst they are engaged in direct travel to or form their home and their place of employment.
    This policy has an aggregate limit of 104 weeks and an excess or elimination period of 7 days.

    • The information provided here is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for specific information regarding the insurance cover.

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